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Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

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Art & cultureCommunity & family
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Stichting Rheden op de Kaart
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Detailed description

Since 2015, the Rheden op de Kaart Foundation has been managing a website with a lot of information about the heritage of the municipalities of Rheden and Rozendaal: . This website is completely filled by volunteers and is also maintained by them.

The wish has now emerged to update and further expand this presentation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rheden. It has been decided to build a completely new website, on which our wishes can be realized while preserving the existing data files. Because this will be accompanied by an expansion of the volunteer base, the need for a coordinator is once again felt. Independent village editors are used and it is the task of the coordinator, among other things, to connect those editorial offices more closely and to streamline the work. However, the precise interpretation can be determined in mutual consultation, so that it also matches the qualities, skills and wishes of the coordinator. We are especially looking for someone who wants to help us with his/her enthusiasm!

If you are interested in this challenging volunteer position or if you would like further information, please send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact Martin Idema, chairman of the foundation, by telephone: 0622398770.

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support
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