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Task · 8 hrs
Job volunteer (st)er/concierge
Location Griffioen is looking for a handy handyman who can help in consultation with all kinds of chores that are available at the location.Posted by Griffioen (ZZG)
Organisation role · 1–4 hrs/Week
Relocation and/or handyman
Do you enjoy helping our women and children towards independent living? We are looking for a volunteer who likes odd jobs and/or driving.Posted by Moviera
Organisation role · 3–24 hrs/Week
Photography and social media enthusiast wanted
Do you have a unique view of the world and a sharp eye? Then we might be looking for you as a photographer or social media enthusiast.Posted by Nationaal Fietsmuseum Velorama
Project role (Temporary) · Flexible hours
Garden help
Who wants to help a lady, who can no longer do this herself, to make her backyard weed-free and tidy. The lady lives in Duiven in the Muziekwijk.Posted by Mikado 1-op-1 hulp
Organisation role · 4–6 hrs/month
Board members VPTZ Arnhem
VPTZ Arnhem is there for people in the palliative terminal phase when the caregiver can no longer take care of themselves. Passionate volunteers are committed toPosted by VPTZ Arnhem
Task · 2–4 hrs
Finding funds foundation love for you
Due to circumstances we are looking for someone who can help us find funds. This can be by phone or email.Posted by Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen
Organisation role · 2–4 hrs/Week
Looking for a volunteer with sewing experience.
We are looking for a volunteer who likes it, has experience in sewing. Preferably with a healthcare background.Posted by Kompas mengelmoes
Organisation role · Flexible hours
From home
Board member Finance Portfolio holder Humanitas Rijn-IJssel
Active role within the board in the further development of Humanitas Rijn-IJssel and in particular the professionalization of financial management.Posted by Humanitas Rijn-IJssel
Organisation role · Flexible hours · Starting from 15 Jun 2022
From home
Board member Communication Humanitas Rijn-IJssel
Drafting and executing PR & communication plans. Consulting in the field of PR & communication.Posted by Humanitas Rijn-IJssel
Organisation role · 1–3 hrs/Week · Starting from 16 Aug 2022
Looking for a nice buddy
Our 36-year-old client is enterprising and likes to have fun. She is looking for a buddy who is a bit older in doings, preferably a woman.
Posted by Pluryn
From home
Need a buddy to help me find a home urgently
I live in a room with my son and I would like someone to help me, I can get an urgent housePosted by 1-op-1 hulp
Project role (Temporary) · Flexible hours
Employee Costumes Pepernoten circus
Sought! A costume lover who loves to sew and entertain. Then we might have a nice outlet for you.Posted by Stichting Lindenberg Cultuurhuis
Organisation role · Flexible hours
Going out together is more fun than alone, right?
Mr (56 years old) now lives at a location of RIBW, but soon he will live independently with ambulatory guidance. He likes to do things together.Posted by RIBW Nijmegen & Rivierenland Participatie & Werk
Workshop · 5 Oct, 14:00 - 16:00
The ZRC orchestra: Making music together!
Do you like music, do you play an instrument and/or do you like to sing and do you want others to enjoy it? The ZRC orchestra rehearses weekly!Posted by Zelfregiecentrum Nijmegen
Organisation role · 3–4 hrs/Week
Breakfast help
As a breakfast assistant you help with breakfast in the living room. This way the residents can start the day in a pleasant and relaxed way.Posted by Aqua Viva
Organisation role · 0–4 hrs/Week
Teacher/Digital Café Employee
Are you "digitally skilled" and do you enjoy helping people on their way with the computer, tablet, smartphone, e-reader? Then be welcome at Seniorweb Nijmegen!Posted by Seniorweb Nijmegen e.o.
Organisation role · 1–2 hrs/Week
Need help with Photoshop
I have the basic knowledge of Photoshop and would like to refresh it and possibly expand it.Posted by 1-op-1 hulp