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Task · 2–4 hrs
Help in the garden
I would really like to ask someone to help me remove weeds in the garden.Posted by 1-op-1 hulp
Task · 1–3 hrs
help with garden maintenance
garden maintenance and maintenance.Posted by 1-op-1 hulp
Organisation role · 2–3 hrs/Week
We are looking for volunteers who want to visit the elderly for a chat, a walk or to do some shopping together.Posted by Hulpdienst Nijmegen
Task · 2–4 hrs
Help! My scale is swinging!
The aging clients of Sainte Marie in Apeldoorn are looking for a sporty person.Posted by Pluryn
Organisation role · 4–6 hrs/month
Board members VPTZ Arnhem
VPTZ Arnhem is there for people in the palliative terminal phase when the caregiver can no longer take care of themselves. Passionate volunteers are committed toPosted by VPTZ Arnhem
Task · 2–4 hrs
Meal service
Are you involved and do you want to contribute to the provision of meal service for the Heesh neighborhood in Nijmegen?Posted by Zorgcentrum Huize Rosa
Task · 2–4 hrs
Daredevil wanted!
Looking for a daredevil who wants to visit an amusement park or fair with our client.Posted by Pluryn
Organisation role · Flexible hours
Walking with Chewy
Every day at 12 and 4 pm someone takes Chewy for an hour walk because I can't do that myself anymore.Posted by 1-op-1 hulp
Project role (Temporary) · 1–4 hrs/Week
Support parents wanted for three children from Beuningen
A family that has been living in Beuningen for a year now is looking for a "Dutch" family, where the children can occasionally come and play alone or together.Posted by Perspectief - Project "Gezinnen voor elkaar".
Organisation role · 1–4 hrs/Week
Support parent / support grandmother wanted for single mother with 4 children
A single mother with 4 children is looking for a nice support parent or support grandmother who wants to work with the family every now and then.Posted by Perspectief - Project "Gezinnen voor elkaar".
Task · 0–2 hrs
From home
ironing help wanted for single man (74)
I'm looking for someone to do some ironing for me (probably) once every 2 weeks. If ironing is your passion, I would love to hear from you!Posted by 1-op-1 hulp
Project role (Temporary) · 2–4 hrs/Week · For around 24 months
New secretary for the board of Ons Raadhuis
Who will be the new secretary for the board of Ons Raadhuis? Thanks to your efforts, we can then further develop this elderly center in Velp.Posted by Ons Raadhuis
Organisation role · 2–4 hrs/Week · Starting from 10 Aug 2022
Provide help on the computers
At the weekly computer room, volunteers help the elderly one-on-one with questions about their own smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.Posted by Ons Raadhuis
From home
Need a buddy to help me find a home urgently
I live in a room with my son and I would like someone to help me, I can get an urgent housePosted by 1-op-1 hulp
Task · 2–4 hrs
Volunteer administrative help; THRUSH
A Lijster sells comic cards, answers the phone, answers questions from visitors, sometimes runs an errand and puts visitors at ease.

Posted by Ons Raadhuis
Project role (Temporary) · Flexible hours
employee Costumes Pepernotencircus
employee costumes (volunteer) gingerbread circusPosted by Stichting Lindenberg Cultuurhuis
Organisation role · Flexible hours · Starting from 1 Feb 2023
From home
We are looking for someone who wants to keep up with the financial administration of our village hall.Posted by Dorpshuis Rheden